• Robotics


    Traditional robotics approach still plays a major role in assisted and automated driving. Understanding different sensors, data processing, decision making and control of vehicle dynamics is critical to develop a safe automated driving solutions.

    We support our Partners from system requirements analysis through software implementation up to system integration. For this we use traditional rule-based algorithms as well as AI.

  • Artificial Intelligence

    Artificial Intelligence

    AI is changing the automotive industry. It powers automated cars through machine/deep learning solutions applied to critical driving subtasks like objects detection, path-planning or predicting the behavior of other road users.

    We help our Partners to develop and validate novel deep neural networks architecture to address critical subtasks of automated driving.

  • Human Factors

    Humans – AV Interactions

    Interaction with human drivers and vehicle passengers is critical for L3/L4 automated vehicles. Transition of control and driver state monitoring are becoming key concepts to make progress towards fully autonomous vehicles.

    We support our Partners in building next generation solutions for in-vehicle sensing like driver state monitoring, gesture control and occupant detection.

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ROBOCAR Technologies

ROBOCAR is a software company founded by executives, engineers and researchers that worked for last years with automotive applications, machine learning and human-robotics interactions technologies. ROBOCAR is a Partner for automotive leaders that understand the need of building breakthrough AI technologies that are redefining the industry.


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